Bain Wagon

Our wagon was donated by Jim Gregson, son of James Gregson, who was the original Barr Colonist owner.

Chassis used by James Gregson, a 1903 Barr Colonist who settled at NE32-47-21-W3 (between Maidstone and Paynton, SK, north of hwy 16).


Original box was disassembled in 1991 by Bob Flewell for the Barr Colony Heritage Society and the hardware was used on a new rebuilt/restored box. The new box was placed on a second frame and actively used for threshing demonstrations.

In 1996, the new box was returned to its original frame from Jim Gregson, reuniting the hardware with its original chassis. The wagon was then brought inside the museum for display.

Bain Wagon Description

Bain wagons were the most popular brand and style of wagon sold in Canada at the turn of the 20th century. They were sturdy and well-made farm wagons used by many new immigrants to transport themselves across the prairies, and then to support themselves on their farm. The boxes could easily be removed from the wheels and put onto sleighs in winter for year-round transportation.

The Bain was especially popular among the Barr Colonists, as a shipment of the wagons met them upon their arrival into Saskatoon. The wagon alone sold for $85; adding the canvas and supports was another $10.

Oddly, two completely separate Bain Wagon companies produced similar wagons at the same time – one from Wisconsin and one from Ontario.