Gas up for the museum project.  “The Turvey Service Station has been at the museum grounds since 1970's. Owned and operated by longtime resident and alderman, Frank Turvey, it sold mechanical supplies, feed/grain, and gasoline from its iconic glass top pumps. The building represents the success of local small town business owners and captures Lloydminster’s economic landscape in the 1950s. After approximately five decades of use as a historical building, the RLBCF has chosen to rehabilitate the exterior of the building and restore it to its 1950s charm/state. Many of the display racks and product that were housed/stored inside the service station can still be found in the LCSC’s permanent collection. The original gas pumps pictured have been fully restored and are located in the Barr Colony Heritage Society’s showroom.

The building can be viewed east of the dog park on the south west area of the LCSC.

If you wish to help us preserve Lloydminster’s history and participate in the restoration project, you may donate by; purchasing tickets to the concert on April 18th 2020, buy Dave Hiebert prints at the LCSC, support Festival of Trees, or get in on the 50/50 draw.

Black and White Photos Courtesy of the LLoydminster Regional Archives. BCHCC 0810.jpg, RB 1422.tif, RB 1423.tif

The information available is that the photo below is circa 1967.

Photos below are from August 2019 at the LCSC site